Want to know the real deal? See what our previous clients have to say about working the the Revolving Rooms Interior Design & Diamond Contracting team!

"I honestly could not have fathomed that I would now love my home as much as I do"

A year ago I was...the new owner of a run-down and dilapidated 1980's split-level. To be blunt, it was hideously ugly. I had searched for the perfect contractor whom I could trust to transform ghastliness into the stunningly stylish home I visualized in my head. I searched for a professional who would easily see and grasp my vision, take it as her own, and mold it into a reality. After interviewing a number of contractors, I was recommended Revolving Rooms & Diamond Contracting. From the first day, when Kendall Judd (with Revolving Rooms) and Sheldon Ens (with Diamond Contracting) came in and I laid out my vision and design ideas to them, I knew that I had found a gem of a team. This team was attentive to my ideas, offered valuable (and cost-saving) feedback, and integrally involved me in all decisions. My renovation was extensive - full interior & exterior - so I spent many hours with members from both teams. Over the course of a year, I got to know them all very well, and their consistently honest approach, attention to detail, and desire to execute the clients vision did not waiver. I was beyond impressed. As a cohesive designer and contractor unit, they display vigilant organization, a keen understanding of what will work in a space, and the admirable ability to truly create miracles...Today that ghastly house is my escape, my place of solitude and happiness, and a cozy place for my children to grow up in - I honestly could not have fathomed that I would now love my home as much as I do. My full appreciation goes to Revolving Room/Diamond Contracting for creating a space that brings me such joy and I wholeheartedly recommend them. Entrust your vision to them, and as a professional team they will not disappoint.



"...wonderful one-on-one personalized feel"

I cannot say enough about the wonderful one-on-one personalized feel I had from working with Kendall & Sheldon. Kendall's energy & commitment to doing an exceptional job are a rare find these days! I opened my first Massage Therapy clinic using Revolving Rooms & Diamond Contracting and from the get-go they were reliable and communicative. I had NO idea what I was doing and their support and guidance along the way was very reassuring. I am about to start the process of my next clinic and truly look forward to working with this team again! An amazing experience!


“We love our home.”

We have had the pleasure of working with Kendall on several different renovation projects in our home. The work was always done on time and on budget. Kendall is knowledgeable, creative, fun, and pays attention to what you want. The trades that work with her are professional and courteous. We love our home.

— S.R. & R.R.


"A great company who pays attention to the needs of their clients!"

We have used Revolving Rooms Interior Design twice in the last few years and are so happy with our renovations and the work that they have done. Kendall Judd & her team designed and coordinated the renovation of our outdated kitchen that gave us a better layout, more storage, and beautiful materials! Working along with the great team at Diamond Contracting, the project was completed in the time estimated.. Each person involved took great care and so much pride in their work. We loved their work so much, we had them come back for a small renovation to our foyer, washroom, and stairs - again, recommend them for any design & renovation! A great company who pays attention to the needs of their clients!

— D.R.


“We had an amazing experience”

After meeting with the team with Revolving Rooms and Diamond Contracting, our decision to use this them for our full house renovation was easy.  Their fresh ideas & enthusiasm were exciting for us.  Revolving Rooms made the design process fun all while meeting the necessary time lines.  Kendall was very passionate about making our home fit our style.  She listened to our ideas & made great suggestions & recommendations as needed.  Diamond Contracting was excellent at meeting all the construction deadlines.  We were thoroughly impressed with the attention to detail in their work & high standards of cleanliness & safety on site.  The professionalism of the team was excellent.  Overall, we had an amazing experience with RR & DC & would recommend them to anyone considering renovating.

— N. & L.B.



We were thoroughly impressed with the attention to detail in their work & high standards of cleanliness & safety on site. The professionalism of the team was excellent.

— N.B. & L.B.



“...the RRID team was always there to find the best options possible for our family. 

“Throughout the process Revolving Rooms Interior Design Inc. (RRID) remained highly professional, imaginative, client-focused, and fun to work with. Delivering great ideas and always open to suggestions and brain-storming, the entire team was always there to help us get through my self-professed paternal “diva” moments. From drawing up (many) layout plans, to picking out paint colors, flooring and accessories (among so much more) the RRID team was always there to find the best options possible for our family. Using top notch materials, contractors, and expert installers made this journey much more enjoyable than we could have imagined, let alone achieved on our own!
We now have a beautiful basement (phase I), an outstanding main floor (phase II), and are currently planning out the exterior (phase III) to round out what has truly been a remarkable renovation adventure.
Trust in RRID and enjoy the wonderful experience!

— J.K. & S.C.

“I feel compelled to run in the streets waving a banner proclaiming my love for all of you.”

After finishing our home renovation with Revolving Rooms & Diamond Contracting, I feel compelled to run in the streets waving a banner proclaiming my love for all of you. Sheldon, thank you for the amazing team of professionals you assembled. Kendall, your taste is impeccable, your guidance irreplaceable. Where we expected roadblocks, there was a clear path; where we encountered questions and challenges, there were only answers and resolution. Perhaps more satisfying than the outcome itself was meeting and observing a group of individuals who showed unconditional care and pride for the project. Thank you Chris, Danen, Amanda, and others working behind the scenes who we didn’t get to meet. 
Despite it being a relief to be back living and sleeping under our own roof, I will miss seeing everyone who dedicated their incredible skill sets, love and attention to every crack and corner of our renovation. This whole experience will be remembered fondly. 
I wish you all well. Thanks for a beautiful home (and all the laughs!).

— C.M.


“Our relationship & overall experience was outstanding.”

Revolving Rooms Interior Design Inc. collaborated with Diamond Contracting Ltd. in an extensive renovation of our home. The renovation involved the main floor, upper level bedroom and en suite over a four month period. Our relationship & overall experience was outstanding. We are extremely pleased with the completed project and have no hesitation in recommending this team of professional people.
The knowledge, expertise and dedication brought to the project was incredible but their enthusiasm and communication with us throughout made it a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

— D. L.

“...an amazing eye for detail...”

Kendall is a very talented interior designer that brings an array of ideas to any project. She has an amazing eye for detail and listens to what her clients want and need. Kendall has a knack for finding unique and creative ways to improve any space. We can’t wait to work with her again! We cannot say enough good things about Revolving Rooms & Kendall. She came in & designed a new kitchen for us & guided us through the process. Everything that was done, from demolition to the finished product, exceeded our expectations. We now have an amazing kitchen and we look forward to our next project with Kendall.

— L.L. & C.L.