Hamper Helper Program

This annual event has been creating positive change in our community for over 10 years! Once you sign up to participate you become one of [the] “Hamper Elves”. As an Elf you are committing to “adopt” a family that has been identified as being in need and then compile a hamper for that family. Each hamper includes ingredients for a holiday meal as well as gifts for the children.

[Before Christmas day], all Hamper Elves meet at Northlands Expo Centre, pick up the address of [their] adopted family, a frozen turkey and roasting pan (provided by JCI Edmonton fundraising) and enjoy a cup of joe or hot cocoa with fellow Elves before heading out to hand-deliver [the] hamper. The Holiday Hamper Program is the highlight event of the year for JCI Edmonton and this project has been recognized nationally by JCI Canada as an outstanding initiative.

Creating and hand delivering a hamper to a family in need is an incredibly rewarding experience. Whether you’re interested in adopting a family or simply volunteering your time on the big day, we’d love to see you involved.

The Stollery

The Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation raises money in support of the pursuit of excellence in children’s health care, thanks the donors who support us, and communicates to donors the impact of their donation on the lives of children and their families.