Revolving On the Road II

Hello hello! Welcome to week two of Revolving on the Road! 

I have super exciting news. We found...a turf house! And we went inside! I was just amazed. 

Driving around Southeast Iceland, we spotted this guy built into the side of a giant boulder. We pulled over to take a picture and voila! A little sign invited us to go take a closer look. The home had a VERY low ceiling (and definitely was not built to code), but seemed very sturdy. The structure sheltered us immediately from the harsh wind, and I'm guessing it was a really cozy hangout back in the day.

There was also a turf barn on the property, which, to be honest, looked like the kind of thing nightmares are made of. This structure was much newer and looked like it had been built down into the earth, rather than dug into the rock. We peered inside to find a foot of water and were too creeped out to go any further.

We also came across the most legit barn door I've ever seen. It was the entrance to the washroom, so I'm sure all the Icelanders were thinking why is this crazy Canadian taking a picture of our bathroom, is she some kind of perv?? but I had to snap a photo. And now I'm going to officially request that our Diamond Contracting team build one for me.

I've seen reclaimed wood used in a few different spots in Iceland. The above photo was in a museum (newer building, but reclaimed floors!). We've also spotted the backs of bars made from shipping crates that still had "ICELAND SHIPPING" stamped across them. I love the use of old with new to create a unique style.

A lot of the newer buildings and homes in Iceland have a modern shape. The shed roof is very popular, as is corregated metal exterior finishing. Newer buildings definitely embrace the Scandinavian style. We have seen a lot of minimalist interiors, including white painted walls, very square and singularly coloured accessories & furniture, and mostly neutral colour pallets. 

I found a gorgeous & dynamic floor made from pebbles in one of our hotels the other day. The floor looked shiny, like it might be slippery, but actually had a lot of grip. Without shoes on, it feels like a mini-pedicure massage as you walk across!

The wet-room bathroom is extremely popular here. A fully tiled, curbless shower with a slightly sloped floor was present at another hotel, and the beautiful wet room you see above was my favourite. The concept of curbless showers is gaining popularity in North American, and I hope to see that continue. I think it's a brilliant way of making a statement with your favourite tile!

And last, something that really tickles me in Iceland is the intention of viewing the outdoors while inside. Iceland is a country with a dynamic and beautiful landscape. The weather can change within hours from snow to clear blue skies. Icelandic design takes the natural beauty of their outdoors into great consideration when designing buildings. Floor to ceiling windows are often used, and sight lines are directed to the nearest landmark or view. It's pretty awesome!

Thanks for reading Revolving On The Road!

- Aims