Distractions, Distractions

Today I'd like to talk about distractions. 

Life is full of them. Spotting food in someones teeth, that pesky cell phone while driving, squirrels. Distractions are all around us. 

Here's where we never want distractions:

- During a consultation or budget meeting

- Onsite when our team is working with dangerous materials/equipment

- Outside business hours when we're enjoying life, spending time with friends and family

So how does one put that into action? How do we avoid falling into the black hole of distraction?

The first thing we like to do is limit interuptions. Sometimes this can be as simple as closing a door to let your co-workers know that you're not available to chat at this moment. My favourite method is turning my phone onto "Do No Disturb" mode, which blocks all incoming notifications. During meetings, we ask our clients to come to our showroom so they can be away from everyday life distractions, such as ringing phones, kids running around, or overly-excited pets. We've also found that clients focus gets pulled away from consultations when they are in their home just from looking around! A letter left out reminds them of a field trip that needs volunteers, or a small splatter may give them anxiety and cause them to say "oh, so sorry about the mess!" (guys....2 out of 3 times there's no mess). Being aware of your surrounds and adjusting to better focus on the task at hand will help you avoid getting distracted by that pile of papers you need to file!

Another thing we want to do while we're with our clients is practice presence. Your job is our #1 concern. This is a great practice to adopt while you're with your friends and family as well. Having your cell phone away shows that you are 100% invested in the conversation or experience you are currently having ---- not 80% listening and 20% scrolling through Instagram. I can't even stand when people have their cell phones out on the table because I know as soon as an alert pops up on that screen, you're mind is instantly focused in on that.

How do you limit distractions in your life? We'd love to hear from you!

- Aims

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