Current Obsession: Shelves

Maybe its because I love all things storage, maybe it's because I'm in love with #ThingsOrganizedNeatly, maybe it's something else entirely, but I can't get enough of open shelving these days. We've been incorporating beautiful open shelves into our clients homes as of late, whether it be in the kitchen, den, or bathroom. Amanda (aka Sparky) has crafted beautiful open shelves clad in Walnut that make me green with envy (see below) and we use niches & built-ins to give our clients more storage space.

My own shelves at home are filled with our books (arranged by colour),  my record collection. plants, photos, and coffee cups. Of course you can put whatever you want on your shelves to make them unique! Open shelves can be the kitchen (check out the top right island), surrounding a living room fireplace, in a zen yoga space (niches, bottom right)...wherever tickles your fancy!

Storage is coveted. One of the most common "wants" we get from our clients is for more storage space. Closed shelving is awesome for hiding away your inner hoarder, but can weigh down a room. Open shelves allow the space to feel, well, open! A great way to balance a room is by combining opened & closed storage.

Can't commit to permanent shelves? Try opting for an open shelf (like the Sawyer Collection from Crate & Barrel, pictured above) that can be moved around in the future.

The versatility of open shelving is amazing. They can easily be added into most rooms, and styled to create beautiful motifs. 


All photos by Shane Kuhn, inFokus Design. Design by Revolving Rooms Interior Design, Built by Diamond Contracting Ltd.