The Great Outdoors

Okay, real talk. I'm actually not a big fan of summer. Put down your pitchforks, people. I'm just not in love with marinating in a pool of my own sweat while literally doing nothing but sit. I don't like getting dressed up in "summer clothes" for work (it's hard to look professional & deal with 31°C heat), then spend my day feeling gross & sweaty & generally cranky.

That's not to say I don't like vacations, or warm, sunny beaches! On vacation you can wear a bathing suit top as a shirt & dive into the ocean when your temperature gets too high. I just prefer my everyday life to be a more manageable temperature, where I can dress in layers, wear cozy socks, & eat soup for every meal. 

Anyhow, I've heard that some of you actually enjoy #yeg summers, and willingly sit outdoors on a regular basis. So here's some fun stuff for the great outdoors! Happy Long Weekend!

Crate & Barrel Calistoga Collection in "Mediterranean Blue" 

Crate & Barrel Calistoga Collection in "Mediterranean Blue" 

The Calistoga Collection (above) from Crate & Barrel is gorgeous, classic, and comfy. My friend & I recently tested it out while she fed her (adorable) baby at Southgate Mall. I didn't want to get up. I could've napped on that sofa for a few hours!

Seeking durable, outdoor tile? Check out the Marvel-Pro or Mashup collections from Julian Tile! These collections both have 2cm paver tiles, which offer durability and style. I love how Julian Tile simply dropped the tiles down onto the grass to create a modern pattern. How cool is that?

Garden Treasures Fire Pit,  Lowes

Garden Treasures Fire Pit, Lowes

Fire pits are a great spot to gather friends and family in the summer. If you're not looking to dig a hole and fashion your own pit, check out Lowes for some really beautiful free-standing designs! I love the copper detail on this Garden Treasures model.

Croquet Set,  Crate & Barrel

Croquet Set, Crate & Barrel

If you're going to be outside for the long weekend, grab a croquet set & reenact your favourite scene from Heathers!  Lawn games are pretty fun, even if they do involve standing out in the sun. Make sure to lather on the SPF to keep that vampire tan game strong. 

Hoping you all have a majestic long weekend! I know I'll be the only one praying for snow!

- Aims