Plant's galore

Is there anything better than the feeling of watching seeds grow into successful, beautiful plants? Well, maybe like watching a baby grow into a successful, beautiful person would be better.....but I'm not really at that stage in my life yet, so I'll just say NO, NOTHING IS BETTER, I LOVE IT.

Plants are a great way to add colour, warmth, and happiness to your space. There have even been studies done that show having plants around us can improve our mental health, by reducing feelings of stress/anxiety and lowering blood pressure! They even make us more productive at work (*ahem* which is why we do so wonderfully here at RR & DC).

I wasn't always a plant fanatic, but watching my grandpa plant beautiful gardens, and my mom tend carefully to flowerbeds and veggies subsequently led to my interest in horticulture. Plants just make me happy, and they are so simple to incorporate into design.

Plant ledges have made a comeback in the design world, but have no fear! These are not the ledges of your grandma, stuffed with knickknacks and a solid 2" layer of dust. Clean & simple modern design can be made warmer with the addition of greenery. On the other side of the spectrum, the bohemian aesthetic is as strong as ever, which is complemented well with draped vines and colourful succulent terrariums.

One trend that I happily embrace the return of is macrame (I should have been a 70's child...fringe is everything). Macrame is like folk-art that can hold plants. I have no complaints about this combination.

Another plus, you can make your own, or if you're not super crafty, check out etsy for some amazing designs (like this one from IsabelsDesignStudio, with beautiful copper detail). If you're not a fan of the woven knots, try out a some hanging air plants or wall-mounted pots. Anthropologie always has adorable hanging vessels, and IKEA stocks some great wall hanging systems!

Sea Creatures Hanging Planters; Anthropolgie

Sea Creatures Hanging Planters; Anthropolgie

For those of you who may not have the greenest thumb, head over to The Jungalow Blog and check out their post for all you certified plant-killers, or learn how to care for plants with their nifty Plant-o-Pedia. If you're into reading (I mean who doesn't enjoy a good book?) pick up The Gardeners' Book, by Diana Craig (available on Amazon). My dear friend MacKenzie gave me a copy a few years ago, and it's honestly one of the best gifts I've ever received. It's fantastic for referencing anything and everything garden-related, and it's written in a cheeky tone!

Or of course, you could stick to the classics & grow in a pot or planter, such as concrete objects from Concrete Cat, colourful ceramic pots from Crate & Barrel, or a super cute planter from Terrain,  Urban Barn or Urban Outfitters.

However you choose to plant, plant happily! And don't forget to tell us your favourite ways to incorporate homes + plants in the comments below!


- Aims