We're Back, Baby!

Ohmagad we're back again.

Did you miss us? Because we totally missed you. We have so much to catch up on! For instance, we've got seven jobs on the go right now that are insanely awesome, we completed a ton of projects in the last 3 months, we redesigned our website, we got a new logo (!!!) and we are so excited about all of it! There's going to be a lot of fresh content coming at ya. In the meantime, explore our new site and enjoy the beautiful summer!

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Amy ClaffeyComment
Choosing the Right Countertop

So you're renovation is going well. You've picked out your new floors, you've chosen the perfect cabinetry, and the first coat of paint is looking great. Now comes the next challenge: picking your countertops! There are many options for counters, and pros & cons for all different types of surfaces.

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