Work Fam

If you follow Revolving Rooms on Facebook or Instagram, you may notice a recurring theme. We like to have fun. Like, lots of fun. We play slo-pitch together, we grab beers after work, we hang out, and we go to movies. We believe in creating an awesome work environment, and investing in the lives of our staff.

So...why? Why do we strive to create a strong company culture? Why not just let everyone put their nose to the grindstone, work an 8 hour day, then leave? Well for one, that stinks. Who wants to work at a place that makes them feel like they don't matter? Not a whole lot of people. 

Without a strong company culture that appreciates employees, we wouldn't have employees! We are proud to say that our turnover rate here is extremely low...many of our staff members have been here for 5+ years

We are proud wear our Revolving Rooms & Diamond Contracting shirts & sweaters. We are happy to tell our clients about how tight-knit our team is. I love going to work, and Mondays never (okay, rarely) Want to learn more about our company culture? Visit our partners, Diamond Contracting

Have a great weekend, everyone!

- Aims