Happy Friday before the Thanksgiving long weekend, readers! 

Céline here, reporting for my FIRST EVER blog post. Be gentle! I may not be as funny and witty as the wonderful Aims, but I will do my very best to entertain and be resourceful.

Let's take a moment to bring things back to basic. No, not the "Pumpkin Spice Latte" kind of basic, but a construction basic; WOOD.

I mean, when you think about it, wood is not to be dismissed. It comes from trees who provide us everything from oxygen, paper and wood  for roofs over our heads. No big deal. 

The trend with wood in design has shifted. It used to be "cover every wood structural element with drywall", but now, we tend to see these elements remain exposed for a different aesthetic. Just like the New York City loft below, the joists supporting the next floor have remained uncovered giving the space an industrial edge. The furniture and decorative light fixtures provide a softer compliment to the rugged finish of the ceiling bringing the space together. Finally, the white kitchen and white paint give this loft a freshness for a great living space.(Source: Apartment Therapy)

Materials such as plywood and oriented strand board (OSB) commonly used for reinforcement behind drywallsheathing for your roof and subflooring are now being used as the finished product. They are often considered ugly and not worthy of being showcased. However, one coat of lacquer and BAM! Rough material turned into a design statement. Below is a commercial lounge area where walls and benches received the lacquered OSB as the structural and finished component. Don't forget to lacquer! Left unfinished, plywood and OSB would give slivers galore. (Source: Pinterest)

In our blog post about ceilings last month, Aims showcased the presence of wooden beams and tongue and groove in ceilings. Whether they are painted to be more subtle or stained to be emphasized, wooden features in ceilings make my heart flutter. Above, on the left, exposed wood beams on the A frame roof give this room height and character. Let's not forget to  mention the sweet "YO" on the wall. Note: the OSB wall to the right and OSB floating beds! (Source: Pinterest) On the right, roughed up dimensional lumber was stained to create the bulkhead. A great pairing to accompany the existing wooden ceiling,  posts and flashy blue patterned tile. (Source: Design*Sponge)

Barn wood and reclaimed wood are a hit! They bring that element of rustic to a living room, kitchen etc.. These woods can be quite costly as they must undergo extra treatments and drying to ensure they are free of bugs and diseases. The product above, Stikwood (Source. which we along with Diamond Contracting have installed in the past. Stikwood is fun, readily available and easy to install. It will require minimal maintenance over time and give you oodles of texture. (I LOVE this room by the way, bicycle paintings, wood, retro lamp and some funky greenery in the night stand. Dream.)

Products not made of wood made to look like wood are a hit as of late. Wood does have a few cons when it comes to longevity and maintenance. It is soft, contracts and expands with climate changes (uhhhh..there was frost on my windshield this morning! Too early!), ages and absorbs moisture. These attributes just mean wood needs more love as opposed to other products. Above are porcelain tile planks and hexagons with a wood grain pattern (Source: Julian Tile) and below a weathered wood wallcovering from (Cost effective and looks fab!)

Wood is also making an appearance into fashion whether it be with accessories like these fox earrings  (Below left: Walnut Foxes from; local Edmonton handmade company) or a watch (Below right: Zebra Wood watch from; BC made wooden watches for men and women) and clothing from Ten Tree Company who plants ten trees for every article of clothing purchased. (Below Middle: I'm DYING for one of those wooden watches!(Ahem... family members, Christmas ideas!)

I love wood.  For me, it is a sense of comfort and warmth in a home that connects me to the outdoors. I hope this write up has put wind in your sails about new wooden features in your space. Happy Thanksgiving from the Revolving Rooms family to yours!