Spooky Stuff: Horrifying Architecture

HAPPY (almost) HALLOWEEN! Halloween is the best none-stat holiday you can get. It's a time to watch "The Shining" on repeat without judgement, dress all in black without being asked if you're headed to a funeral, and eat as many miniature Twix bars as you can shove in your mouth.

I do a Halloween post every year, and you know, it probably isn't super "on-brand" for us, but I love it, and I'm the one with the password to this blog, so you all can just sit back and read through it. This years post: Horrifying Architecture. See, look, I'm totally linking this to design! Brace yourselves for some spooky stuff...

1. Amityville Horror House

What's more horrifying than Long Island? How about the home of a gruesome (real-life) murder IN Long Island?? In the small community of Amityville sits a large, inconspicuous Dutch Colonial. This house was where Ronald DeFeo Jr. shot six of his family members. So already it's pretty creepy. It gets worse though...the next year, a family of five moved in and then right back out less than a month later when they began experiencing freaky-deaky stuff, like hearing voices, doors slamming, and seeing scary faces. Ghoooosttttsss!

Source:  People.com

Source: People.com

It looks pretty creepy in the movies, but in reality...it's pretty cute! The home is right on the waterfront, has a huge yard, a pool and a boat house! Not to mention that classic gambrel roof...too cute. Maybe living there wouldn't be so bad?

SourceL  Realtor.com

SourceL Realtor.com


2. Rosenheim Mansion 

This beautiful six bedroom, five bathroom home is stunning. Built in 1902 by Architect Alfred Rosenheim, the mansion is a staggering 10,440 square feet of brick colonial magic. 

Source:  HookedOnHouses.net

Source: HookedOnHouses.net

Source:  HookedOnHouses.net

Source: HookedOnHouses.net

This wonderful home has been featured on American Horror Story: Murder HouseBuffy the Vampire Slayer, and more! The directors really highlighted the Rosenheim Mansion in AHS. Most of the original house (with the exception of the kitchen) was used in filming, causing viewers to drool over exposed beams while simultaneously freaking out over dead twins, maids who appear young then old, some sort of pig-masked killer. I love the dark wood, gorgeous barrel vaulted ceilings, and of course, the magnificent brick exterior...and although there have not been paranormal reports from any of the owners, it still gives off that heritage home "did someone die here?" vibe.

Source:  HookedOnHouses.net

Source: HookedOnHouses.net

Would you live here? For $4.5 Million, you could! See the official listing here. I don't know about you, but I'd be far too afraid of the basement to even consider a sleepover in the Rosenheim. 

3. The Overlook Hotel/The Stanley

I grew up watching The Shining with my dad, being creeped out by the Grady twins roaming the halls of The Overlook Hotel. Unbeknownst to me, my favourite horror movie was inspired by a real-life haunted hotel: The Stanley. After spending one night in The Stanley Hotel, Stephen King got so freaked out by the place that he wrote "The Shining"! Although the Stanley Kubrick film adaptation used sets rather than filming at the real Stanley, you get the idea that this place has some serious ghost activity.

The real Stanley (below) was used in the filming of the lesser-known TV miniseries The Shining in 1997, giving us a closer look at the wonderful architecture of the century-old building. According to the hotels website, there are a number of haunted rooms available by request! 

Source:  StanleyHotel.com

Source: StanleyHotel.com

Apparently, there have been tons of ghost sightings at the hotel, hanging out in the magnificent whisky bar with pressed-tin ceiling details or peeking out from behind century-old elegant banisters on the staircase.

Source:  Inquisitr.com

Source: Inquisitr.com

Source:  TripAdvisor.com

Source: TripAdvisor.com

Fun fact: The Stanley was also used in the filming of Dumb & Dumber! Hopefully not during Jeff Bridges notorious washroom scene...that would be a real horror...

4. Real Life Scary Business: Edmonton's Charles Camsell Hospital

I have wanted to check out the inside of this abandoned hospital FOREVER, but my husband tells me "that's how horror movies start". If you're a local #yegger, you may have heard that screams, flickering lights, and the sound of wailing patients can be heard in the halls of the Camsell. It's really not much to look at (ahem, Brutalist), but hey, it fits the list!

Source:  Greg Southam,   Edmonton Journal

Source: Greg Southam, Edmonton Journal

The property now has a security company monitoring the hospital & handing out fines to thrill seekers & ghost hunters. I think they're missing out on a whole untapped ghost tour market, personally. 

Source:  SherlockedSeattle.com

Source: SherlockedSeattle.com

Embrace the macabre & tell me the creepiest haunted location you know! Happy Halloween!

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