Marble Moment

Stop what you are doing, and appreciate the alluring, multi-dimensional moment that home design is having:

MARBLE. So classic. So beautiful. So easily integrated into any & all styles. And the awesome thing about marble is that you don't even need to get REAL marble to get the marble look. I might lose my marbles if I say marble one more time. 

Say MARBLE again.

Say MARBLE again.

Anyways. The point is, it's beautiful, it's available to almost every price range, and it's not going anywhere! Here are some of my favourite applications of this gorgeous stone, and areas you can work it into your next interior design endeavor. 

This sink and back splash (in what looks like a laundry room or wet bar) use the same marble slab to create a consistent, stylish space. The veining in the slab is a bit darker, which keeps the eye interested. A single bowl under-mount sink with a clean, single-hole faucet makes the whole area look even more streamlined.

(Above, left): Carved marble integrates the sink seamlessly with the counter top. I feel like simple tasks like washing fresh fruit or stacking dirty dishes would turn into Instagram-worthy moments!

(Above, middle): Okay, this stove makes me salivate. Not due to pasta being cooked on it, but seriously...LOOK at it! Do I have to explain it? No, I don't. It's perfect. Marble details. J'adore. 

(Above, right): A little more of a transitional spin on marble back splash! The vertical herringbone pattern melds modern and traditional together, and creates the illusion of depth.  Classic white cabinets and heavy black door pulls pair nicely with this marble-on-marble kitchen look.

Source: Murawall

Source: Murawall

If you're anything like me, you probably have Chivas Crown taste on a Royal Reserve budget. Marble can get expensive. Alternative? Wallpaper! Heck yeah. This marble mural from Murawall looks pretty close to the real deal. You can fancy up any room without breaking the bank. Try it in the bedroom, or in your office to look like even more of a boss.

Let's move on to some washrooms. The gorgeous marbled shower (Above: left) with matching marble vanity is maximum cool. I love the sleek, curb-less design of the shower, and the black fixtures compliment the dark marble veining in the slabs. This modern take on the conventional marble washroom is executed wholly without sacrificing elegance.

Alternatively, a softer beige-tone marble is paired with gold fixtures (Above: right) for a more traditional aesthetic. The waterfall floating marble skirt, circular mirror and wall sconce with gold detail keep the space from looking too old school, but definitely carry the air of grace we are used to seeing in marble styled spaces.

Source: Design*Sponge

Source: Design*Sponge

For those who love eclectic design, drool over this vanity! The marbled porcelain hexagon tiles are to die for, and that sky blue under-mount sink with fowl-inspired faucet? Amazing. The open shelving below breaks up the mosaics so as not to overwhelm the space, and strategically placed mirrors provide ample room for practicing your duck face (just kidding. Please don't...). Small details, like the raw hexagon edge of the mosaic, or the gold-filled seam in the marble counter top add a whimsical element to this marble washroom.

Speaking of hexagons & birds...these 6-sided shapes have flown back into the design world in the past few years! Variations in size are endless, and there are so many different colours & patterns available. The large scale hexagons (Above: left) act as a water barrier under the sleek soaker tub. I love the transition into the hardwood floors!

The next photo (Above: right) is from a Revolving Rooms Interior Design project where we made use of matte, marbled hexagon floor mosaic and a 3 x 8 subway tile in the same marble finish to create a baseboard. Simple application, fantastic results.

Regardless of where it's going, you need it in your life. Accept marble with open arms. Pretend to be Julius Caesar in your kitchen. Feel like Royalty in the washroom. Channel Tony Montana's ridiculous mansion in your office (I'm talking about MARBLE only, no chainsaws, machine guns, or 'white stuff'). Just get some marble in your life immediately.

- Aims