Big News!

Hey everyone! We have some super exciting news...a new designer has joined our family! Now introducing Céline Therriault! We are so happy she's joined our little family, & can't wait for all our clients to meet her as well. I thought we'd do a little interview to help everyone get to know Céline!

1.       AMY: Tell us a little bit about yourself! What made you pursue design, when did you want to work in this field, etc. 

CÉLINE: I didn’t always “want to be a designer”. I knew I wanted to do something creative, but I wasn’t talented with a paintbrush or drawing. I’ve always been a crafter or a DIY-er. I would rather write my own instructions instead of following them. Hence, assembling IKEA furniture is painful for me. (Preach, girl.)

I went to the U of A after high school and started my bachelor’s in Human Ecology, and I didn’t love it. I came home frustrated one day and picked up the N.A.I.T program book, and decided on Interior Design Technology. I figured I could take the program and “figure things out later”. What I didn’t expect was to grow to love architecture, its history, and everything else it has to offer.  Above loving architecture, I also didn’t anticipate loving creating construction details, assembling finishes and seeing projects come to life. But I did! The thrill and satisfaction of seeing clients elated with their space functioning to their needs, being aesthetically pleasing and a piece of art for my portfolio was as grand for small renovations or new builds.

2.       A: Give us a low-down on your education, please & thanks.

C: I graduated from the Interior Design Technology program at N.A.I.T in 2010. (Oh, what up N.A.I.T Graduates, this is where Kendall also did her schooling! Go Ooks!..wait...what's an ook?) I am officially a certified Interior Design Technologist, meaning I have technical drafting & design skills. 

3.       A: What is your favourite aesthetic or type of project to work on? Why?

C: I enjoy doing full renovations or “gutting” a space to it’s bare bones. A general consumer is often unable to see the good bones their space has whether it be commercial or residential. A renovation means considering an existing function and form, and making it even more functional. It also requires big picture thinking; in relocating one item, how many items will have to follow?

We can be most creative when we don’t have any obstacles, but with limitations such as reusing existing plumbing stacks and structural posts, creativity gets tricky! I enjoy pushing through this challenge.

4.       A: What are your strengths design-wise? Actually, in life in general (because design = life)?

C: I am realistic. I know how hard I work for my dollars and cents and so do my clients. Therefore, I often take on designing with a  “less is more” theory.

I am personable. I love meeting new people, interacting with different personalities and learning from others.

I strive for balance. I love creating spaces, but I also love being outdoors and active. I believe that time away from the workplace to enjoy your home, your friends and fresh air is imperative. 

5.       A: That's awesome, I agree! Okay, now some fun stuff: What’s on your favourite drafting jams playlist?

C: You can usually find me on a “Pacific  Highway Drive” or “Sunshine Indie” type of tune…. wishing I was adventuring on the coast.

6.       A: What’s your dream house look like?

C: My dream house has a big kitchen. With a French Canadian background, everything revolves around food, celebrating with food and cooking together… and drinks. Drinks first, then food! The house must also have an outdoor space where I can enjoy my Sunday morning coffee in the sun and quiet for hours.

The house would be a mid-century modern design with large windows and an abundance of different textures (wood, concrete, fabrics etc). A focus on cool tones with pops of warm woods and straight lined furniture.

A: Love it...we're going to get along just fine! Well, thank you, Céline! We're super happy to have you as a part of the Revolving Rooms Team!

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